Manual Filters: T Type Filter With Steel Clamp



  • Accurate filtration, highly stable water flow:
    Well designed disc filter & Stainless steel screen filter, ensure to stop particulates to get a good filtration result.
  • Modular Construction, Seamless replacement, Easy for installation:
    Victaulic connection, easy for install and change.
    Fiberglass reinforced nylon material for good pressure bearing capability and wear resisance.
    Molding products, with very little dimension difference; Different connection for fast assembling available, easy for installation and change.
  • Suitable for different working environment:
    No power demand for filter, can be used without electricity.
    Multiple ways of installation & position, no need to be categorical vertical or horizontal during installation.
    Multiple precision of disc available, good for filtration of hard particulates.
    Pressure gauge connector and drainage connector on top, easy for use.
    Fully stainless steel safety clamp, easy to install & maintenance.

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