Controllers: S-DIAL (SMART DIAL)

S-DIAL (Smart Dial) Specification

S-Dial (Smart Dial) is a unique controller that bridges tradition to future. Thanks to a graphic display is possible to see all the programs and the setting of the controller in a clear and user-friendly way. The controller has 4 programs and can be installed indoor or outdoor.
Using S-Dial it’s possible to upgrade the functionality of the irrigation installation thanks to the fact that it is FLIWER COMPATIBLE. It means that it is possible to connect S-Dial to a Fliwer Sensor or to a Link in order to manage remotely the irrigation and save water (at least 50%) through the Fliwer technology.

  • 6 - 9 - 12 - 24 stations models
  • Outdoor Model with Internal Transformer
  • Electrical Power Supply: 220 VAC 50Hz
  • Electrical Outputs: 24 Volts AC, 1.25 AMP
  • 4 independent programs
  • 4 independent start times
  • Next start time visualization
  • Run Times: 1 min. to 240 min per station
  • Watering Schedule: 7 day calendar with individual day selection, or 1 to 19 day interval watering
  • Water Budgeting Mode from 10% to 200%
  • Master Valve/Pump 24 VAC outlet can be enabled or disabled by station
  • Power Failure: 3V lithyum battery permanently maintains programs
  • Rain Sensor Inlet, programmable per each station
  • Freeze-program function (OFF)
  • 2.7” graphic colour display
  • Low-battery function

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