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Aquatec is pleased to offer custom-designed irrigation systems for commercial properties that are tailored to meet the specific needs of your grass, plants, trees and landscape gardens. Aquatec provides sprinkler design, sprinkler installation and sprinkler maintenance services to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your water management investment, all handled by their licensed Irrigators and Irrigation Technicians.

In addition, Aquatec is committed to utilizing environmentally sustainable irrigation methods through the use of state-of-the-art sprinkler system components that provide precise amounts of needed water with minimal waste or water runoff. This ensures that only your lawn, trees and landscape gardens receive proper irrigation and not your sidewalks or driveways. Well-designed irrigation systems also provide economic benefits by maximizing water usage in efficient ways, resulting in lower, consistent water usage and utility costs.

Aquatec Services

As with most investments, there is the occasional need for maintenance to ensure you receive the maximum benefit from your water management system. In addition to custom irrigation design and installation, Aquatec also provides sprinkler repair services as general wear and tear can occur with sprinkler heads, nozzles and pipes. In addition, Aquatec is certified to service, repair, winterize and test backflow devices on your property.

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