Irrigation Drip Tape


  • Quick installation capability
  • High irrigation efficiency
  • Normal diameters of 16 and 22 mm
  • Trickle irrigation with vortex current emitters and low coefficient of variations
  • Irrigation consists in Drip Tapes designing the entry of the emitter in a netted form for repeated infiltrations.
  • Possible utilization of an emitter with a dual output for better discharge of water and also the prevention of total clogging of the emitter
  • Manufactured from the finest material and resistant to environmental temperature
  • Capability of producing with preferred distance of emitters based on cultivation circumstances 10,20,300 and 50 Cm
  • Dynamic pressure from 0,5 to 2,0 bars
  • Capability of producing with different thicknesses based on the cultivation circumstances from 200 to 600 microns
  • Applicable in various types of row cropping, climate and greenhouses (with respect to installation and utilization standards)
  • Sustainable and lower consumption of water in unit area

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