Sensors: RAIN STOP

Rain Stop Specification

RAIN STOP is an electronic rain sensor. All its components are high quality electronics from Japan. Its working principle is studied to start to work immediatly in case of rain.
RAIN STOP stops irrigation as soon as 4 mm of precipitation are reached, preventing the irrigation system from working while it is raning. Two different models of RAIN STOP are available:
Rainstop 3 wires and Rainstop 4 wires.
1- Rainstop 3 (tree) wires allows to connect a rain sensor to all 24 vac controllers as it is not needed for its installation to have a sensor dedicated port on the controller.
2- Rainstop 4 (four) wires is the professional rain sensor for the 24 vac controllers equipped with sensor control feature.

Code Models Single Weight Box Qty

210.5001000 Rain STOP 3 Wires 250g 1

210.5002000 Rain STOP 4 Wires 260g 1

  • Electronic sensor
  • Voltage from 24 VAC to 30 VAC
  • Push-rods in stainless steel
  • Working start 4 mm
  • Complete isolation of electronic form
  • Regulation of liquid drain
  • Packed piece by piece

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